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Release Date: June 26, 2014

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Dean Alexanda’s DJ career started in the late 70′s influenced by local DJ’s Dave Palin & Martin John(JFM). By 1980 Dean was a regular on the working man’s club scene & local bars playing upfront Disco & Soul music.

By 1982 influenced by the late Steve Walsh / Tony Blackburn & Greg Edwards, Dean started becoming more of a dance music specialist playing mainly Jazz Funk Soul and Disco. Although late to the radio scene Dean was well known under the name of Dean James in bars & clubs all across South East London.

Dean’s first radio gig came on Horizon radio in 1985 as a stand in but nothing really came of that. Then in 1986 Dean became part of the Chicago FM team playing the new brand of House music that was emerging which continued until mid-1988.

Due to circumstances beyond his control Dean was forced to retire from DJ’ing until early 1993 when he reinvented himself as Dean Alexanda. He was very quickly back on the scene and doing regular radio shows on Sunrise FM and Rude Girls FM. After taking part on the Kiss 100FM competition Pirate 100 and becoming the runner up to Steve Facey, Dean knew where his career path laid. Never being given the chance to join Kiss 100 FM, Dean created the radio station that was to become a thorn in Kiss 100 FM’s side: Juice 94FM.

Juice 94FM became the biggest unlicensed radio station of the 90′s & ran from 1994 till 1998. The station then changed direction and shut down as a pirate radio station to apply for a licence and also ran nightly programs on the Spanish national radio station Onda Sero live from their premises in Croydon, London. The licence bid was unsuccessful so Juice FM London as it was then called decided to shut its doors for the final time.

Dean continued DJ’ing at his weekly residencies the Bon Bonne and the Frog and Nightgown until he retired from the industry in 2003. But because of Deans love of radio it wasn’t going to be long until the passion re-emerged itself, and in 2012 Dean was to become a regular Presenter on Kent’s BRFM, until deciding it was time to bring Juice back to life, having merged Juice into Cruise here he is now – the journey continues on the Mothership.

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