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Release Date: October 4, 2013

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I was born in East London many years ago, then moved to Ilford Essex all my family loved music like Motown and Philly.

My passion for music grew after being exposed at an early age to great clubs like Lacy Lady, Goldmine, Zero 6, Room at the Top and Caister. I would also venture into London to the Wag Club and many others at this time I also discovered pirate radio stations such as radio Luxembourg ( I got good at tuning that one in on a Sunday night ) Solar, Horizon and JFM.

For me the 80s was a great decade for music needless to say most of my hard earned cash went on vinyl.

DJ influences at the time were Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Froggy, Greg Edwards to name a few  and was lucky enough to work with some of them.

I am interested in most Genre’s of music including House, Garage, Reggae and upfront beats but my main love is Soul, Funk & Jazz I keep busy by working live and guesting on other radio stations.

I want to thank all at Cruise FM for welcoming me onto such a great team.

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