DJ Neil Greaves

Release Date: August 29, 2013

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My passion for music began when the TV rentals took our set away I was 10 years old . I soon discovered my mothers record collection mostly folk and country but hidden in the depths I unearthed Bob Marley’s Burning the Wailers album, Donny Hathaway’s extension of a man, and the complete works of Ray Charles and Millie Jackson, Eureka!! Mother had a vast collection. My paper round money was now used to obtain my new passion collecting vinyl.
The Grundig radiogram would now be pumped to the max with the bedroom window open I was playing to all the kids in my block, with mother shouting for me to turn down the bass .
Late nights trying to pick up Sunrise, Horizon, Capitol and any other Black music shows, they were few and far between. Greg Edwards and David Rodigan were Gods in my mind and from that moment I knew I wanted to be a DJ.
1984 I put my first mobile disco together at agricultural college, my first light controller was made from the pulsator from a milking machine and I purchased some traffic lights off the roadside, I was a real DJ playing to party people. I had just one deck I talked between each record but nobody knew.
From the early days I progressed to parties pubs and clubs and can proudly say I played at the ministry of sound, Ive been proudly representing the face of internet radio for the last couple of years with managing and broadcasting as my passion .I’m a pretty mean chef with a love for seafood, good food and music just seem to go together in my world My music taste ranges from Blues to Electro and R&B to Reggae with a fondness for 70s Funk with a gritty earthy feel.
I’ve been described as charmingly and uniquely amusing, I will let you be the judge and look forward to playing my music for you.
You’re most welcome to join me on my show ” The Big Box of Chocolates ” and together we will taste the music.

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