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Release Date: July 26, 2013

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This profile is still being pawed over by possibly the most fussy DJ in the world, everything has to be perfect!

As his oldest friend in the world I can happily tell you I love this man and would do anything for him, he has been my soulmate since we were 5 years old and amazingly we both ended up loving music so extensively.

He was one of the first DJ’s on the original Cruise FM (under the tag Mad Hova Scratch – he’s going to kill me for that Lol) and my DJ partner for many, many years travelling all over the south of England providing banging sounds to the masses.

He has a mixing and blending talent that is supreme and even at his ripe old age, snigger, sadly due to his reserved nature he doesn’t push himself forward like most presenters in their brash manner as he is happy on the sidelines watching. He still DJ’s as his main occupation at no less than 5 live events every week – sometimes he has more gigs to work at than there are days of the week – he is the most flexible and personal jock you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

His version will follow soon but it will be all humble and quiet and never shouting about his amazing skills, book this DJ and you wont look back.

The Bushbaby

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