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Release Date: July 26, 2013

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CJ started his DJ career on one of the early day London pirate stations Horizon and soon became involved with being a warmup to the awesome Steve Walsh, he tells me for £70, which in 1935 was quite a lot of money Lol!

He quickly climbed the ranks by learning fast and gathering a massive knowledge on the Soul music scene, I can say he has one of the most impressive contact books in the industry from producers, artists and labels globally.

He has presented as a main act on Horizon Radio, Solar Radio, both back in the day and now again on Fridays at 15.00 – 18.00, his own station TKO which had an awesome lineup for its day, WNK which for a brief period of the 90’s gained a shared community licence with London Greek Radio and now with the reinvigorated Cruise FM on his afternoon show live from Miami, literally, Fridays 15.00 – 18.00.

He has worked in most venues of London and the South East with residencies at Crackers, Samantha’s, Oasis in Dalston and many, many more.

He is back again, like Cruise FM, and has a massive following as people have become thirsty for his talents again after all these years.

I am proud to be working alongside CJ and confirm that in setting up the original Cruise FM back in the 80’s CJ was amongst a few, like Tony Monson and Les (Mixdoctor) Adams, who greatly influenced my decision to take the baton and broadcast across the UK’s capital city.

For the right money he is available globally to smash up the dancefloor, I of course will carry his bags, and indeed also available on his unique CJ Carlos Club Experience recordings for your club event, party or just for treating yourself. For details make contact with the station and we’ll hook this up.

Love this awesome DJ and good friend of mine.

The Bushbaby

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