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Release Date: July 26, 2013

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Hello, thank you for spending the time to read my biog, can I firstly say a warm welcome from moi and of course the whole CruiseFM crew, and a few words of thanks to you the listeners out there tuning in and making the whole experience an uplifting pleasure.

Now about me, my name is Peter (DJ Dubz), and I love my vinyl which consists of a range of genres but I enjoy playing mostly uplifting House, Garage, Funk, Soul, R&B, Reggae & Lovers Riddim and in general dance music intended to get you all up shaking your groove tings.

Most of my vinyl ranges from the 1980’s through and beyond 2000 and still growing consisting mainly of 80’s & 90’s old skool.

I remember back in the day carrying my mums (Shhhh) ghetto blaster around with friends listening to the next big track and spending my wages to buy them from our local record shop and occasionally trying to stop start record these tracks on the trusty getto blaster, always a big fail as the Dj’s would wait for the best bit of the track and talk all over lol.

Radio stations like Radio Invicta, Horizon/Solar, LWR and of course Kiss FM when they where all pirate radio stations and the likes of Dj’s Paul’Trouble’ Anderson, Trevor Nelson, Coldcut, Bobby and Steve, Jazzie B and Norman Jay plus of course Richie Rich and Dave Rodigan were all big influences for me.

Big thanx to CruiseFM and the Bushbaby/BruvdaP for letting me be part of the team, what a buzz I get from playing my music for your aural enjoyment, enjoy.

Dubzies Facebook Radio Show Event Page is Found Here


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