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Release Date: April 16, 2015

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Where do I start being a North London Boy all my Life and the Mecca of Soul funk and Jazz

Being on my door step as a young lad of course the Legendary Royalty my taste of music was mapped out for me at a young age. All the money I had as a kid was spent on Vinyl which I still

Have to this day. Pirate Radio was part of my Life growing up Listening to Radio Invicta ,JFM ,LWR,SOLAR,  and of course the guvnor Robbie Vincent on Radio London.My Clubs were Goldmine

Zero 6 ,Flicks ,Caister (Still go now !!) Bentlys,Crackers to name but a few .My favourite DJ at the

Time was the mighty FROGGY R.I.P.. first DJ I heard beat mixing…Got into DJing in the 80’s doing house parties then pirate radio in 87 with WNK which later became Legal but I had jumped ship

And joined LASER 94FM broadcasting London bound and beyond from 88-92 .Which included the summer of love 1989 the maddest year of my life Soul,Funk and Jazz took a back seat and House music ruled the air waves DJ’ing day and night doing all the raves and having mad times.DJ’ing at illegal raves you try running with record boxes !!!!!!!!!! but great times. So it has gone full circle and Richie Bee the Soulman is back which people have been telling me to do for years ……Thanks to CruiseFM for you to able hear my Groove Connection Show .. as you hear from what I play I stay away from the norm …………..Richie x  im on Mixcloud soundcloud facebook

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