Gary Smith – GMD

Release Date: January 25, 2016

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GMD started as a bit of fun posting classic disco and Jazz Funk tunes on social media platforms on a Monday evening. It quickly became very popular and soon after it evolved with its own group on Facebook where people can post, share memories and music from the sweet spot that is ’77 – ’82.

It was that 5 year period is where I fell in love with music, the people, the tribes and the clubs, regularly attending The Lyceum (London) , Zero 6 (Southend) , Oscars (Ilford), Elliot’s, and the Bentley Brentwood. It was at the Bentley where I was offered a residency DJ for 2 years playing disco and jazz funk to a growing audience I have been involved in the radio industry on the commercial side for over 30 years working at stations including Essex Radio, LBC, Kiss 100fm and Mi-soul, but this is the first time ‘on air’ I am passionate about the music I love and believe it is having its second coming with a new younger audience whom are disillusioned with todays ‘Pop’ culture and wishing to find music with real soul and meaning as well as us mid lifers who want to recapture the memories.

Enjoy GMD on Mondays here on Cruise!

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