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Release Date: July 26, 2013

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It’s all about house music

Mistress of the house, good house music in its purest form, I was born in Valencia, back in ’86.
Initiating me in the field in 2006, acquiring pulley Stanton decks, and a turntable with just 3 faders, I ‘learn’ the art of mixing or at least not to distort it. I always remember my first vinyl, ‘I’d say yes’ Pornorama. I knew at that time that I would have looong moments of distraction, and headaches for my parents.

A couple of years later, I acquire a a pair of denon DNS3000, and one reloop rmx, not bad at the time, which I used, re-used, and returned to use, to the point, that’s where I start to get them away from home, Barbacana Pub (Chiva, Valencia, Spain), was his first destination, being then several private parties.

With over 700 cds, I decided to sell the equipment to spend some time completely disconnected. I realized that college was more important at that time.

Later, and with my home established in Paris, decided to purchase some new ‘mixing toys’, it will not tell you to leave something to your imagination, bombing radios, labels, DJs and producers to start a project called ‘From Paris With House ‘, which is already broadcast by more than 8 radio stations broadcasting worldwide in weekly schedule.

And so far this humble bio, soon, very soon I tell you more news …

À bientôt!

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