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Marky P is a Music Loving Gadget Freak and started playing with Sound Master and QBase on his Amiga at the Age off 11. Always interested in the funky Vibe and waveforms he linked his basic sampler to a mixer and by the age of 14 was doing mashups to his friend and family with samples mixed in over the top.

So an early start for Marky and by the age of 17 was a Hip Hop and Electro Funk DJ on Cruise FM in late 1984. Continuing through in various different Genres till 89 when sadly the station was busted by the DTI ( The UK FCC) then retired to normal life with the Occasional Mashup and set for various people and Party’s.

His Influences were from the hip hop era like Dr Dre (NWA) Soul Sonic Force (Africa Bambaata) Africa Zulu Nation ,Grandmaster Flash and the visionaries of that era like the Street Sounds Phenomenon of Soul/Funk and Electro Hip Hop. There are quite a few influencers he used to look up to but unfortunately sometimes icons from back in the day loose their grounding and loose sight of what people want to achieve in the Music business ,but he still thanks them for putting him on his path.. There are also DJ’s from today’s Scene He looks up to …and stretching from back in the day to now ,people like ,Chris hill ,Froggy (RIP),Jeff Young , Barrie Stone ,Les Knott ,Dave VJ ,Westward ,CJ Carlos ,Tony Blackburn Steve Walsh ,and Robbie Vincent were templates of inspiration for me in my youth and got me in to pirate Radio in 84 making me want to share my love of quality Black music to the world .
I do it for the love of music and enjoy sharing my tunes and knowledge across the genres..
No other Family linked to a musical genre invokes this much passion and I’m glad to be part of the soul Family.

My show is Funk Odyssey on Wednesdays from 8 till 10 on Cruise FM and can also be heard on a Syndicated feed on Germany’s New Funk Radio.

Thanks for reading my Bio

Peace n Light
Marky P

Marky’s Paradise Sessions Facebook Show Page is Linked Here.

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