Paul Mason

Release Date: December 30, 2013

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For a lot of years since 1967 I have been collecting Soul music, Stax, Atlantic, Motown I have all this on cd and in the seventies I had a love for Disco and Jazz Funk music.

I used to play this music in London East End clubs, pubs and bars then I did a club in London’s West End called Maximus Disco I used to do a Jazz Funk night.

Then in the 80’s I got hooked on a pirate radio station I was on flashback radio we only came on once a week on Sundays then later on I joined the more organised Solar Radio where I did a show penned as “Between the Sheets” for about 10 years then it seems I drifted away concentrating more on my DJ work around the South East.

Later I came back to the broadcast industry when there was more choice of internet radio stations, taking a show again on Solar Radio for 2 years to blow the dust off my skills. I am now happy to have been accepted for a slot on the up and coming station Cruise FM with a great bunch of DJ’s that love their music and with a great and organised management team.

I look forward to fun times ahead on Cruise join me Monday’s 5 till 7.00 in the evening on your no 1 station.

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