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Originally from “Norf” London, Soundchaser currently resides on the North Essex Coast in sunny Clacton-On-Sea. DJing since the age of 14, he now has over 30 years of experience behind him: “I started at house parties with a good friend of mine who ‘acquired’ a twin deck very cheaply after a house party near him attracted the wrong sort of attention”. “I’ve always enjoyed listening to music, but then once I started to buy the music I realised I needed a way to pay for all this vinyl I was accumulating.

The house party experience made it easy to transition from house to hall”. “This has always been a professional hobby. The day I stop enjoying it is they day I will stop doing it”. Soundchaser is making his return to radio after a break: “I’ve done most other aspects of DJing: clubs, pubs, weddings, etc.

Radio is something I love to do, and where better than a station that plays the music you love to listen to yourself.

Roy offers technical support to the stations management, to assist in ongoing running of music stream matters.

He also powers all VIP @ Cruise FM events with his serious sound systems under his organisation Soundchaser.

He’s good with wires and fiddly bits, damn good :-)”

If you would like to hire one of our professional DJ’s for your club, event, exhibition, opening, product launch for both music and voice work do not hesitate to call us on (0044) 07947 308326 and make your query known with dates and details of your needs and then your occasion can share in the professional services that all our team supply for live PA, MC and music events.

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